Shower tray Madrid 900

A shower tray is a fairly common product in the bathrooms. Modern shower trays make of different materials: metal, acrylic resin, artificial stone, ceramic tiles, various agglomerates. When choosing a shower tray, you should carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages of the material from which it is made. A shower tray made of artificial stone is distinguished by its rigidity, wear resistance, high impermeable properties and a variety of shapes. In the structure of artificial stone, there are no microscopic pores, which excludes the possibility of the appearance of various kinds of bacteria, and also reduces the likelihood of plaque deposition due to poor-quality water.

Dimensions:895*895*29 mm
Material:cast marble
up to +70 С
900 mm
900 mm

The shower tray Madrid is the ideal solution for a small bathroom, when it is very important to place everything compactly and comfortably at the same time. The pallet of the artifical stone has many advantages: strength, durability, are not exposed to external factors, do not lose color, are not susceptible to the penetration of microbes and bacteria.

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Shower tray Madrid 900
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