What are the advantages of a bath of artificial stone?
The bathroom is a very special place in the house. It is designed not only to put oneself in order, in it we take off fatigue, rest after a hard day's work and relax in warm water with foam and aromatic beans. There is always a special cozy atmosphere here. Traditionally, the central place in the room is always occupied by a bath. Therefore, it is extremely important that it has a high level of convenience, functionality and aesthetics. All these requirements are met by an artificial stone - a material that in recent years has been widely used for the manufacture of various items of sanitaryware.

Bathroom - a room characterized by high humidity, temperature changes and insufficient ventilation. All these factors create an excellent nutrient medium in which germs, fungus and mold arise and multiply. On the surface of artificial stone, these microorganisms can not stay for long, therefore it is excellent for the production of bathtubs, washbasins, bidets, etc. In addition, the bathroom made of artificial stone gives the interior nobility and sophistication, creates a feeling of wealth and luxury. This is the reason for such popularity of this type of sanitary ware, even though it is very expensive. In the production of artificial stone baths, a filler made from crumbs of natural stone (marble, granite, etc.) is used. The design of the finished product depends on the resins and other additional components that are used to color the surface and imitate natural surfaces.

All products made of casting stone have a smooth and perfectly flat surface. To conduct hygienic procedures in a bath of this type is very convenient and pleasant. In addition to the fact that the production of artificial granite is environmentally friendly and does not have a breeding ground for the reproduction of microbes, it is also easy to take care of. The stone bath does not require the use of special detergents and cleaners. To care for her, it is enough to use ordinary household chemicals, which is in the arsenal of any hostess.

What are good baths of artificial stone?
Those who have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of this kind of products, leave numerous positive feedback on the expanses of our site. Before buying a bath of artificial stone, we recommend that you carefully read them. They can help you make the right decision. Most often our customers note the following benefits:

  • high mechanical strength and impact resistance;
  • resistance to high loads;
  • weak heat conductivity and the ability to hold heat for a long time;
  • excellent noise insulation, due to which the sounds of pouring water are absolutely not audible;
  • absence of radiation;
  • resistance to the impact of a sharp head of water;
  • a variety of design solutions;
  • long service life;
  • reasonable price, which fully corresponds to the quality.

Thus, we see that the advantages of such products are an inexhaustible number. You can also buy a bath of various shapes and configurations: rectangular, oval, asymmetric, angular or detached to your taste. We are happy to provide you with the necessary consultation on your choice and help you to make an order.

Plumbing from the manufacturer Miraggio - a product made of first-class environmentally friendly raw materials. We care about the environment and the health of our customers. Therefore, deciding to buy a bath of artificial marble, you can be absolutely sure of its safety. However, be careful, many unscrupulous manufacturers try to spread low-quality products at a very low price. Remember that the baths of artificial stone should be perfectly smooth, have a large weight and a long warranty period. These are the models presented in our catalog. Order products wholesale and retail in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov and Odessa or any other city of Ukraine.

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