Artificial stone washbasin

Wash basins made of cast stone 


Ceramic wash basins are common and they are installed in a great number of bathrooms.

Their hollow design make them light-weight and the porous structure is covered with a special enamel.

The advantages of wash basins made of cast stone are the following: such wash basins are durable, non-porous and easily repaired. 

Elaborate the interior of your bathroom with top-quality wash basins that will delight your eyes and body!



Properties of cast stone wash basins


Experienced manufacturers of wash basins have a range of various design solutions. 

You can choose any model on our Instagram page or order a completely new model. The design of your new wash basin is limited only to your imagination. 

Modern equipment, professional designers, qualified workers and efficient manufacturing processes are the key factors to create the finished products that meet your every need. 

Cast stone wash basins soak up the sounds of running water and have an ideal smooth surface - so neither microbes nor bacteria can grow there (infections, grease or dirt simply do not cling to the walls). These wash basins are easily cleaned and repaired when it is required.



Wash basins MiraggioTM


We purchase raw materials exclusively from reliable suppliers (from the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Ukraine).

Our certified factory is situated in the industrial center of Ukraine - in Dnipro.

The main distinguishing feature of our sanitary ware produced under MiraggioTM is its exceptional quality.

All our products meet the highest European standards so we provide a 5-year warranty as well as the certificates of quality and conformity for them.

Our good name is more important than a short-term gain.

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Why choose our products

Production of sanitary ware of the best quality and first-class service.
We aim to meet needs and exceed expectations.

We use materials only from the world's best manufacturers.
We produce sanitary ware in accordance with the most stringent quality standards in the world.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and has been tested for compliance with PN-EN standards.