Shower trays

Shower trays


Modern bathrooms have to meet several requirements - comfort, design, durability and safety. So if you enjoy taking a shower - choose a good shower tray.


Types of shower trays 


Shower trays are usually made of steel, acryl or cast granite.

Steel shower trays have the following disadvantages: they rattle loudly because of water jets, get cooled quickly and are easily scratched and deformed.

Acrylic shower trays are less noisy, however they are scratched even easier than steel ones.

Shower trays made of artificial granite are much more durable, they suppress the sound of water and remain warm longer.

Production of cast granite shower trays is more complex so they are a little more expensive than steel or acrylic ones.

When a manufacturer uses proper equipment and raw materials, has an elaborated production technogy and skilled workers - the product will certainly be perfect.  


How to choose a shower tray


It is not easy to find a reliable manufacturer of shower trays made of cast stone. 

A lot of companies produce low-price shower trays that may look nice but start to look dated and damaged soon.

Such shower trays have rough surface, low weight and an extremely short guarantee period of 2 years maximum (or fantastic  20-30 years to attract customers).

Strong companies usually offer a guarantee for 3-8 years. 


Cooperation with UKRKOMPOZIT+ LLC


Our company has been manufacturing wash basins, kitchen sinks, bathtubs and shower trays of artificial stone since 2005.

Our production facilities and warehouses are located in Ukraine, Dnipro. 

We have already conquered the Ukrainian market and now we are ready to export our sanitary ware.


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Why choose our products

Production of sanitary ware of the best quality and first-class service.
We aim to meet needs and exceed expectations.

We use materials only from the world's best manufacturers.
We produce sanitary ware in accordance with the most stringent quality standards in the world.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and has been tested for compliance with PN-EN standards.