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In addition to the models presented on https://www.instagram.com/cast.marble.sanitaryware/ we can produce sanitary-ware products in accordance with your sketches. Depending on the model, we can manufacture up to 2500 pieces of one model per month.
As for unique models, it usually takes us about 1.5 months to develop and produce a completely new model. 

We make white wash basins, bathtubs and shower trays using acrylic resin, solidifier, ground marble and gelcoat. 
Note: they are coated with gelcoat on both sides – both the top and the bottom. 
Besides, our products may be decorated with hand-made paintings to your taste. 
Our wash basins are packaged with Italian overflows.

We produce kitchen sinks using acrylic resin, solidifier, calcspar and quartz sand. 
We can make them in different shapes and colours (sandy, black, white, terra, light black, coffee, loft, chocolate, iris, gray and champagne). 
Our kitchen sinks can also be packaged with Italian traps and overflows.